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Internet Connection Cause Issue While Downloading Garmin Maps


Garmin devices need high speed internet connection to get done updates. Downloading speed must be very high. Cable and DSL Or high speed internet connection are recommended for Garmin update. Mobile connections or broadband connection like AirCard or cell phone tethering internet connections are not supported that much.

There are certain steps below which lead you to improve connection speed.

  • Uninstall third party software from your computer.
  • Stop downloading files which running in different program (if any).
  • Don’t stream online music or video while updating, it may decrease speed of your installing.

If these above steps will not help you to improve speed of internet, contact to your internet service provider to verify your internet stability.


Almost whole Garmin’s maps and other products are gigabyte (GB) size. Some Internet service provider has limited data as per daily cycle or monthly. It may slow down your speed if you exceed this limit manually. Contact your service provider to check weather data is restricted or capped.

Particular update of Garmin devices will consume specific data. There is a list of data required for update, click on to check that list. Exceed limit of your data as per required updates.


Among from certain service provider they use techniques to slow down you speed to make sure that another user will not get affected from heavy use of internet by you. This thing generally happens on mobile broadband connections. And this action may cause restriction to your data or Garmin applications to lose connection of server. Contact your service provider and ask if they using the same techniques or not.

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Internet Connection Cause Issue While Downloading Garmin Maps

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