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Purchase and download maps for outdoor Garmin device!


When you purchased maps for your outdoor Garmin device, you need to install maps to your device. Installation process may take time to install. Whole installation process will be depends over maps that purchased and speed of your network.

But make sure you must have all required components to follow the process.

Install Garmin Express and perform steps listed below | Outdoor Garmin Device

  • Connect outdoor device to computer.
  • Launch Garmin Express.
  • For Windows: Double click over Express icon from desktop or search for Garmin Express in search menu.
  • For Mac: Garmin Express will be in application folder.
  • Select the device and click on option continue.
    (If your device is not added than choose option add new device and perform above action).
  • Choose option Tools and Content
  • Select icon purchased
  • Click on sign in option and login to your Garmin account at which you purchased maps.
  • Perform onscreen instructions.
  • Tick mark option and required actions.
  • Click continue to Device or Memory Card because if your file is large than memory card will be required.

After starting downloads wait for the moment when installation complete message will displays on screen. After whole process disconnect your device safely from computer.

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Garmin Connect +1800-218-1141

How Garmin Connect works? – Garmin Express Support

 How Garmin Connect Works +1800-218-1141

Garmin Connect

Garmin Connect is an online group community developed by Garmin. This online group community provide you whole day activity data to you. Different activities will also get performed through this community group. No matter what activity you perform, all data will be getting calculated.

Garmin Connect is also able to detect your health data. Gadgets like smartwatches are able to detect your heart rate too. Whole activity data will be providing through Garmin gadgets. Garmin Connect is able to sync your Garmin devices. Different activities also provide you to perform. Garmin Connect will be access through both APPLE and ANDROID smart phones.

How to Access

Garmin Connect will be access through application software developed by Garmin. Garmin Express is the application software which makes you able to access this community group. Process will be followed through online steps. Garmin Connect will be access through steps which are listed below.

  • Download Garmin Express from online store of your computer.
  • Sign In with Garmin email.
  • Perform onscreen instructions if you not have any.
  • Connect your Garmin devices to computer at which Garmin Express already downloaded.
  • Open Garmin Express.
  • Access Garmin Connect.

After performing all above steps you can access Garmin Connect. Your activity data will also get calculated after performing above steps. All process will be done online.

Garmin Connect also provide certain different actions for its customers. Among of them certain are listed below.

  • Customise Activity Data
    Garmin Connect provide you action to customise your activity data. You can choose activity columns which you want to share with your audience. From thousands of columns present over there you can choose that data which you want to share with people chosen by you.
  1. Open Garmin Connect.
  2. Select that data which you want to share.
  3. Place this data.


  • Import/Export Activity Data
    Garmin Connect is able to sync your activity gadgets but certain gadgets are not get sync. To calculate that activity data Garmin Connect provide you action to import and export that activity data.
  1. Open Garmin Connect.
  2. Select activity data that you want to import/export.
  3. Perform onscreen instructions.
  4. But imported data will not be in your news feed data.


  • Elevation Correction
    When you use Garmin Connect, it also provides you real time data. Errors occur while you taking inclined data. Garmin Connect is able to detect those errors and resolve them itself. Deduction of errors will take place.


  • Manage Audience
    Garmin Connect also provide you action to manage your audience. You can select those people with whom you like to share activities. Activities and audience both are manageable.


Certain different actions also performed through Garmin Connect. Different activities provide you to keep done. You can also link your activity to course that you followed.

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We are here to help you. Instant issue resolving services like how garmin connect works will also provide to you. Our technicians are able to help you out within limited time.

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