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TeamX is an experimental team of Garmin who provide better products for next future projects. Different groups included in TeamX. Avionics group of TeamX provide new Flight Information Service-Broadcast with compatibilities of several popular devices. Whole action will take place from Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast ground station in USA. This new technique will let pilot access new weather information from different gadgets like G3X Touch flight for experiment aircrafts. Aera 660 and Aera 795/796 are portable devices using Garmin receivers that support ADS-B in.

This new FIS-B weather product becomes an additional tool for pilot to have better resolution pictures and broader weather picture. There is at least one ADS-B station will be connected weather you are in ground or in space. It make easy for pilot to communicate andgarmin update get information over weather or flying conditions in US. FIS-B also provides wide and clear pictures of lighting, icing or turbulence on wide screen of G3X.

Garmin ADS products are capable of receiving new services. There are different products includes GTX-345, GDL 88, GDL 84, GDL 52, GDL 50, GDL 39 3D AND GDL 39. Compatibility of these devices will be extended in Garmin ADS-B receivers. ADS-B receivers don’t required any kind of software update for new weather products.

Apple pilot app will also display these FIS-B weather products.

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